Which Basketball Sneakers to Choose in 2018?

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In this article, you will have all the necessary information to help you in your choice of buying basketball shoes in 2018, with of course specific advice, depending on your position (leader, winger, pivot), your style of play (aggressive, defender, shooter), your frequency of use, and finally your level.

First of all, it is essential to realize that the basketball shoe is the most important equipment for the basketball player. Indeed, when we practice basketball for several years, we realize very easily that it is necessary to bring a pair of performance basketball shoes. This will allow you to put yourself in the best conditions to feel better, and increase your level of play in training or match and especially secure your foot of the various injuries. Several elements come into consideration when choosing the right pair of basketball shoes.

First you have to start from the bottom, and focus on your foot. The size chosen by the equipment manufacturer may vary, but also the shape, width and comfort of the shoe.

These days, the basketball shoe market is growing, especially as more and more NBA superstars have their own signature shoes. Add to that, with the explosion of the internet, and more specifically e-commerce, more and more basketball players buy on the web, but you have to be vigilant because sometimes you can easily buy a model that is not at all adapted for our foot in terms of size, or shape.

In this example the Germanic and Roman foot would not work with shoes with a fine end to the contrary of Egyptian feet that work perfectly with this style of shoe. Know that NBA superstars signature models are custom made. You'll excuse me, but chances are you do not have the same foot shape as Stephen Curry, Kobe, LeBron or Kevin Durant. The second aspect to consider is your field position, as well as your style of play.

A playmaker / back (Post 1 & 2) will tend to choose lightweight shoes, in view of the speed required by the post, but also to have freedom of movement, and cope with successive changes of direction.

As for the Ailiers, they must be versatile and must be able to play indoors and outdoors. Aggressive on drives, cuts or screens on systems, the winger will often have to play 1 against 1 at the end of possession or focus his catch and shoot if he is clever. The basketball shoe of the Winger must be quite complete, he can also customize his choice according to his style of play (Slasher, Shooter, etc. ..)

For the interiors, it's something else, it will be necessary to choose a pair of basketball shoes much stronger, Big men (Big guys), must secure their ankles and wear a stiffer shoe. It is necessary to be ready to control the racket, with in particular a succession of jumps, contacts and big continuous supports. To do this the pivot, or the strong winger will have to provide including a wider sole, to prevent possible sprains of the ankle.

It is obvious that one of the major aspects for a lot of basketball players is purely marketing, because we will be in one way or another, influenced by the appearance of the basketball shoes that we want to buy, and also because it's just the shoe your favorite player wears (Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook.

It is therefore important, first of all, to choose a pair of basketball shoes that suits you in terms of style, and which you appreciate externally.
On the other hand, it is equally important to learn about the contributions and added value that each different basketball shoe can bring to your game. My goal is to give you all the information, so that you can find the perfect compromise between style and performance, and all at the best price!

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