Stephen Curry PlaysThe Mathematicians With His New Under Armour Curry 5

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After an effective Curry 4, Under Armor has just unveiled the Curry 5. The next blockbuster of the American brand?
For the birthday of Stephen Curry, Under Armor officially unveiled the Curry 5. The first model "Pi" was naturally released on March 14. A limited edition of 314 copies sold for $ 140. Obviously everything has been liquidated, but it will return on April 14. After rising models, the Curry 5 eyeing the side of the KD and Kobe at Nike. The idea being for Under Armor to take a few steps further towards the lifestyle. Last night, Stephen Curry was wearing his shoe for the first official release of the model. Visually, it's successful!

Unveiled at the last birthday well watered (to the point of canceling the training the next day) the trigger Stephen Curry, the new Under Armor Curry 5 arrived, in a first color "Welcome Back"!

A pair designed to help Baby Face continue to do the impossible on the field. An Under Armor basketball shoe that draws its inspiration from the number pi (3,14) and the problem of squaring the circle.

An impossible problem to solve just like the threat posed by the number 30 on the field! Moreover, you will notice that this number fits perfectly to the month and the birthday of the Warriors' leader, on March 14th (Illumination of all this)!

A design that wants to be both aesthetic and functional and whose different circular shapes separate the upper in two parts. A softer and more elastic knit slipper to comfortably accommodate the foot and allow it to breathe, and a sturdier yoke in Anafoam, running all the way around the foot to hold the heel and add support to the front, offering solid tiptoe support (A yoke reminiscent of the adidas "half-burrito").

Remember that Anafoam is an anatomically molded foam, fused to a flexible mesh. The whole offers a light structure, bringing a great feeling of support. A pair that in its entirety plays the card of lightness and that of the low version, unlike his big sister Under Armor Curry 4, which last year had arrived at first in the form of a high stem!

Passers of the laces are connected to straps present inside the Knit, coming to complete their race at the level of the arch of the foot to encompass the foot and provide additional support. Technology like the Flywire cables from the brand to Swoosh.

A basketball shoe that retains the same configuration as the Under Love Curry 4, with a midsole less high and massive than the Curry 3. A foot closer to the ground so, offering precise movements and optimal stability (the ankles of Stephen Curry will be grateful). All this complemented by firm cushioning to offer this new Under Armour Curry 5 excellent responsiveness. A foam that is a little softer on the heel and that combines with the Ortholite sockliner to add comfort and soften the various shocks.

Below this new frame, there is a seasoned translucent sole that illustrates the problem of quadrature of the circle, but above all that ensures traction and traction in the field! Note that the logo is also visible on the knit of this new Under Armour Curry 5!

A fifth signature that changes its distribution strategy since it arrives in May unlike the previous one that had pointed the tip of its toe box last fall. The American firm that also plays the Off-Court card with a pair that thanks to its design can be worn even off the field! A first "Welcome Back" color featuring a white Knit sock, an anthracite gray insert with multicolored buttons and orange details, for an original colorway while remaining sober.

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