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Today, We'll talk about my first impressions of Kevin Durant's new model - the Nike KD 12.

For starters, the first thing I notice is that the KD range is quite different from what we can see on the signature range of Nike, since each model is very different from its predecessors.

This can be considered a positive point, obviously, however, it can also have the opposite effect, and clearly if you are a fan of KD you have to see all the colors with different models that Nike has offers.

Sometimes we are on models high stem, sometimes on low, we had a lot of different damping too, like the Zoom Air on the KD 10, the sole react that encapsulated with zoom on the 11, this year, Nike has chosen the full lenght zoom, but we will talk about it soon after. In any case the change of design is complete on these Nike KD 12.

Apart from the design aspect, there are other major changes, and for once, we have a rather subtle point but very interesting, it is the fact that the KD 12 does not use an intermediate platform between the sole and cushioning, which is commonly called in English the Strobel board.

Today at the level of different basketball shoes, you have most of the time, a sole and a platform sewn underneath the cushioning. On these new KDs, we simply have the insole and the cushioning directly below.

One of the best examples to illustrate this is the Adidas Harden 3, which is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. We find cushion boost that is directly glued below the insole, it can even feel with the fingers directly.

So this is a very positive, appreciable and it will allow basketball players to feel the cushioning of the best possible. True strong point, and big positive for these Nike KD 12!

For the anecdote, Nike proposed this advance because KD tended to play several games with the same pair, the time it is done well to his foot.

From an exterior cladding point of view, we have a novelty made in Nike, this is the 4 Axis Flywire, which is the coating positioned just below the first translucent synnetic layer.

How it works ? Nike presents this to us as a fiber-based technology that will allow some flexibility of the foot to stop, but as soon as the foot starts moving, the fiber reacts by stiffening and providing the necessary support.

Add to that, the feet of Kevin Durant, it is a long very fine rod, so complicated to propose him a pair adapted! Remember on old models low, he often lost his shoes on the ground, because he did not necessarily tighten his pumps.

One of the other novelties on this model is also the tongue, which is generally made of the same material as the outer coating of the pair, there we are not on the same thing, since the tongue is in Flyknit, for bring the necessary amount of comfort on the kick.

In terms of cushioning, so we have a zoom bag positioned along the entire length of the shoe with extra cushioning heel, a small hex pad that will provide additional reinforcement on the fallout. The whole thing is encapsulated in a rubber sole.

Traction level, it has a translucent sole, with multidirectional patterns. These are generally known to collect a lot of dust, hope that the shape of the patterns can evacuate dirt easily.

Personally, I do not like the appearance of the shoe at all. Actually. I'm not a fan of the shape of these KDs. They are much less compact.

On the other hand in view of the novelties, I want to test them and make you a video! it had been a long time since we had zoomed the full length of the foot, and for those who have never tested, it's a real plus.

We are on the same price as the previous model, no real changes for the portfolio, my only expectation is that they offer a better level of performance than the KD 11.

For the moment, two colors have been unveiled, "The Day One" adorned with black and white, as well as the "90's", which refers to the youthful years of KD in the gray and neon green colors. Do not forget to give me your opinion and your first impressions on the new Nike KD 12.

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