Nike KD 10 Performance Review

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The most shocking NBA turnaround news of the previous year was that Kevin Durant joined the Warriors who had beaten their team in the playoffs with a slight gap. The champion-level warrior has won the championship after joining Kevin Durant, and Kevin Durant also won the FMVP while wearing Nike KD 10. It can be said that it is the best and the first. The exposure of the 10th generation boots has increased greatly!

From the appearance of the KD 9, KD 9 Elite, KD 10 shoes, there is no difference. In the middle, I skipped the KD 9 Elite and directly earned KD 10 to wear it. In the case of looks like this, there are performances. No progress?

1. The popular full palm Zoom
Before I wrote KD 9, I took the full Zoomoom Air and discussed it separately. I didn't do the good or bad. Of course, it was comfortable when I walked on the foot. The soft bullet soft feel is comparable to Adidas Ultra. Boost, but in the actual squadron, this kind of fast-starting guard is really too soft. I don't know if it is psychological or physiological, it is slow.

In addition, if I play such a lot of ball-free running, in fact, when I wear KD 10, it is very difficult for my knees. I will stop and run for a while, and the burden on my knees is not small. It’s a bit overwhelming to finish the hours. However, the bold sole tube makes the KD9's broken tube problem seem to have improved a bit. It’s really comfortable to wear these shoes on the court. The feeling of Q bombs like Coke is really exciting~ It seems that I can combine the characteristics of candy and sneakers!

2. Improvement in upper material
The Flyknit upper that Nike KD 9 advertised last year is actually a chicken rib for me. Although it has a very good texture, it has limited practical help in the case of a fragile upper. However, this year, two different types of Flyknit were used. According to the official statement, the stronger Flyknit is used in the place where the force is high, and the Flyknit is better in the forefoot part of the shoe.

This is indeed very hard work, improving the small problems of the previous generation, and the elastic fabric in the upper also makes the upper leg easier. But my personal thought is, why bother to maintain such a similar shape? Can't you change the appearance of a new design?

3. Shoe stability improvement
In the previous KD 9, I always felt that there was a situation in which the shoes were unstable when I was running. Although I was not injured, I always felt very unreliable. This year may be due to the improvement of the upper material, the design of the laces from the bottom of the two sides, and the thickened internal heel foam and TPU fixed, which makes me feel that the KD 9 instability has improved.

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