Luxury blue gold! This pair of finals color KD 10 details are too rich

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Kevin Durant in this year to get the NBA championship, and Nike in order to commemorate the incident, to his first in the finals wearing Nike KD 10 PE inspiration for the introduction of a new championship color.


The first game of the NBA Finals is now over. The Golden State Warriors are playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 113-90, and today's biggest hero is not Durant. In the game, 26 of 14 shots, 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, while the efficiency was extremely high, there was no one mistake. While showing MVP performance, the new Nike KD 10 PE at the foot also attracted a lot of attention. The KD 10 at the Warriors' home color is worn with a royal blue through the body. The gold Nike Swoosh symbolizes the impact on the championship. The midsole is designed with a golden splash and a light blue crystal outsole for a perfect finish.

Kevin Durant won the NBA championship, and Nike commemorated the event, launching a new championship color with his Nike KD 10 PE in the first game of the finals. The shoes are mainly royal blue. Not only do you add gold thread to the Flyknit woven upper, but the Swoosh Logo, the KD Logo and the midsole are added to the luxurious gold accents. The heel part will also be the gold “MVP”. The words “CHAMP” are ingeniously blended. The most eye-catching is the graffiti-style text on the insole, telling the story of this great series, and finally matching the blue and yellow crystal outsole, highlighting the final color matching. status.


Shoes use the Royal Blue as the main tone, not only in the Flyknit braided upper to join the gold line, shoes Swoosh Logo, tongue KD Logo and the end of the ink and other details into the luxurious gold embellishment, followed by part of the golden "MVP" "CHAMP" and other words clever fusion.


The most dazzling is the insoles printed on the graffiti style of the text, telling the story of this great series, and finally with the blue and white crystal outsole, highlighting the finals of the supreme position of color. Shoes in the United States on September 12 in the local designated shops for sale, as a very rare PE version of the finals color, it is too difficult to get!


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