2018 Top Ten Practical Basketball Shoes Recommended

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Just editor recommended the ranking of 2018 domestic basketball shoes. Now I recommend the ranking of foreign practical basketball shoes. So what are the most worthwhile basketball shoes in 2018? What is the 2018 actual basketball shoe list? What are the best 2018 basketball shoes? Let's take a look at the list of actual basketball shoes with the Xiaobian.

Top1: AJ32

AIR JOROAN The representative series represents the most outstanding presence of practical basketball shoes. Both the design and the sneaker configuration can withstand the test, even this is the previous generation of AJ basketball shoes. The high-toughness FLYKNIT upper has a support effect comparable to that of a leather upper, and is also excellent in terms of comfort and wrapping. The special lacing system is almost integrated with the upper, and is matched with a half-palm boot for a full lock on both feet. In terms of midsole configuration, AIR JOROAN XXXI } also has a very luxurious equipment. Front and rear palm separation ZOOM AIR air cushion + arch The combination of SPPED technology and super mid-bottom combination, cushioning effect and flexibility.

Top2: James lbj15

It is natural to say that the actual basketball shoes can not be less than James's shoes. As a representative of the front line players, Zhan Huang's shoes are naturally known for their versatility. LEBRON xv is a brand new technology for both the upper material and the midsole cushioning configuration, so it is worth a try.

Unlike the ZOOM AIR air cushion used in ordinary combat basketball shoes, the LEBRON XV's heel cushion is the Z00M + MAX air cushion. This combination combines the rapid rebound of the ZOOM AIR air cushion with the excellent support and protection of the MAX AIR air cushion.

Top3: Harden 2

Arden Vol. 2 As Harden's second pair of signature shoes, he witnessed his great success last season. Although the second generation signature shoes are the same as the generation of midsole cushioning materials, the difference in appearance is still very large. The midsole of Harden 2 is still a whole piece of BOOST, and below the bottom layer is a large piece of tup support board.

The TP∪ support plate, which runs through the entire midsole, can make up for the softness of the boost material and maintain the stability of the midsole in the violent basketball game.

Top4: KD 11

After joining the Warriors, Durant won the championship for two consecutive years and also won the Finals MVP. During the finals, NKE launched his personal 11th generation signature shoe KD11 for Durant, which has changed a lot compared to the previous generation of shoes. On the upper material, the KD11 still uses the FLYKNIT woven upper, and the midsole uses the REACT+ full-length ZOOM AIR cushion. The cushioning feel is top. The KD11 upper has a good sense of wrapping, and the midsole is soft and has a good cushioning performance. The disadvantage is that the neckline of the sock is too small, the high-backed crowd is very laborious to wear, and the anti-rollover ability is weak.

TOP5: Soldier 12

The Warrior series has always been the royal boots during the James playoffs. As the top sneakers of the Zhanhuang, the Warrior series naturally has the configuration of other star signature shoes. In the minds of many actual combat parties, the Warrior series has always had a very good reputation. The forefoot is a fan-shaped ZooM air cushion with a horseshoe-shaped ZooMAR air cushion at the back and a rectangular TP∪ support plate at the arch.

The ZOOM AIR air cushion of the soldier's 12 front and rear separations showed a very good cushioning experience during the actual combat. The design of the cross straps was clever but there was also the possibility of spreading. The XdR outsole has excellent wear resistance and can be easily handled even in the field.

Top6: Irving 4

Owen has attracted many fans with sharp dribbling and elegant style, and is a representative of the new generation of point guards. As Owen's signature shoes, the kyrie series is naturally compatible with its style, which also makes the sales of Owen's signature shoes at the forefront. The kyrie4 generation of jagged midsole extensions left a deep impression. The midsole section shows that the midsole of the kyRIE4 uses a horseshoe-shaped ZOOM AIR cushion on the forefoot and a rectangular tpu support plate at the arch. In the actual foot experience, the palm cushion feels better than the previous generations, but the overall feeling is still hard, and it will benefit more for those who like to break through.

Top7: NIKE hyperdunk x

HYPERDUNK is the most classic team basketball shoe of NKE, and it has been sold to the tenth generation. The original intention of the design is to be able to adapt to every player on the field, and the HYPERDUNK series has always adopted the most advanced technology of NKE. The ZOOMAR air cushion in the actual performance is clear and obvious, and the rebound is rapid. The only problem worthy of further investigation is that the HYPERDUNKX of the space cotton material upper has some lack of support performance, which is also a place that everyone is criticized.

Top8: Wei Shao 1 generation

Why not ZERO . 1 is Wei Shao's first signature sneaker, with a lot of personal elements in the design. The heat-fusion technology fabric upper is a bright spot, hiding the shoelace under the vamp and improving the veneerability of the vamp. The integrated heel design has a very good supporting effect and can protect the foot during the actual combat.

The midsole configuration of WHY NOT ZER0.1 is also very impressive. The midsole is a full-length Z○OMAR air cushion. The cushioning is more comfortable and the forefoot feedback is obvious. Although there is no support plate added, the stability is still very good. In addition to these advantages, Wei Shao's signature shoes are very unfriendly to the high-backed crowd, and wear and tear is more difficult. The hot-melt-reinforced upper has a very good heat dissipation performance in actual combat, which can cause discomfort and sultry feeling.

Top9: pg2.5

PG 2 . 5 is a medium-sized small change of George's signature shoes. It looks more like a pair of straps on the 2nd generation shoes. In addition to the slight difference in appearance from the 2nd generation, the bottom configuration did not change at all. At the forefoot is a fan-shaped ZOOM AIR cushion, which is a rectangular tpu support plate.

From the one-piece body to the ordinary style design, it is more convenient for the people who are overweight or have high backs. The forefoot cushion has clear feedback and quick rebound when trying on.

Top10: Ross 9

D RoSe series basketball shoes are the longest life basketball shoes of Adi, but with the decline of Ross's personal skills, Ross's signature shoes have also suffered from Adi's neglect. The newly launched ninth-generation signature shoe also changed from BOOST to BOUNCE in the midsole configuration. D RoSe9 looks good from the actual combat experience. The knitted upper is both soft and very supportive. The wear resistance of the ADWEAR rubber outsole is suitable for breaking the run. The disadvantages of D RoSe9 are mainly the large size and the BOUNCE cushioning material.

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